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Astros thinking about turning back the clock?

Just in time for their departure to the American League, it appears the Astros will reach back into their National League roots for a "new" uniform and logo design.

Images that have recently appeared on the internet show an updated version of the orange star with a navy capital letter H over the top that the team used in the late 1960s an through the 70s.

Personally, I liked the old school caps, although much of the rest of Houston's early uniforms left a lot to be desired. Navy and orange is a nice departure from the standard red, white and blue color schemes used by the majority of major league clubs. But i can do without the rainbow of shades of orange that the team wore in the seventies. 

While the Astros were one of the prime offenders in the uniform overkill of the last decade with white tops with pin stripes and grey tops without stipes fighting for light of day against red tops and black tops, they had no real team identity. And the shooting star logo on their caps just seemed too generic.

Hopefully Houston will go back to their old color scheme but it will pass on the garish rainbow uniforms.

The teams with the best uniform revisions over the past couple of years have been of the less is more philosophy. No rainbow stripes. No goofy logos. Just old school, clean uniforms sported by the Twins and Indians with former uniforms serving as an alternative to their standard duds.

If the Cardinals wanted to add an alternate uniform, I wish they'd do  something similar and go to wearing their 1940s and 50s style unifom -- with the red piping and the navy cap with a red bill -- on Sundays. But it seems like the Redbirds are doing the opposite of adding new uniform variety. I have heard a rumor that the club plans to get rid of its Sunday cap -- which has been worn only at home in recent seasons -- altogether.