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NY Post: Cardinals should trade Beltran to Yanks for Chamberlain, 2B prospect

Joel Sherman of the New York Post had an interesting piece in the New York Post in which he suggested that the Cardinals and Yankees complete a trade that would send Carlos Beltran to New York in exchange for pitcher Joba Chamberlain and second base prospect David Adams.

The idea is that the Redbirds would probably like to save the money set aside for Beltran's $13 million salary in 2012 and they need some offensive help at second base. Meanwhile, the creaky kneed Beltran can save his knees by being the designated hitter for 50 or so games while playing the outfield the rest of the time.

On paper it sounds like a good idea. But the Cardinals have a wealth of young pitching primed for the major leagues. So I'm not sure that Chamberlain fills a major need. While he's an Oklahoma native who might enjoy a move from the New York spotlight to the lower key Midwest, he's got a history of getting into trouble that might snuff out any spark of St. Louis interest.

Chamberlain has one DUI conviction on his record and he suffered a severely dislocated his ankle last off season jumping on a trampoline. It was an injury that not only threatened his career. Some reports indicated that he lost so much blood that he almost died. His injuries have limited the pitcher to 20 2/3 innings in 2012, 28 2/3 in 2011 and 71 2/3 in 2010. For his career the righty is 21-13 with a 3.73 ERA over six seasons.

Adams is a Class AA second base prospect who has hit .295 in five minor league seasons. But in 2010 he broke his leg in a slide and then had trouble coming back from the injury. While he looks like a promising prospect, again this does not seem like a big improvement for the Cardinals. St. Louis has it's own high batting average, slick fielding second base prospect in first-round draft pick Kolten Wong.

If the Cardinals did find the deal to be appealing, they might not be able to make the deal anyway. 

Beltran's contract has a full no-trade clause. And, based on how things ended in New York when he was dealt from the Mets, I'm not sure he would want to go back into the fishbowl.

This is one I would be very surprised to see.