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Wong tearing it up in Arizona

Cardinals second base prospect Kolten Wong is tearing up the Arizona Fall League, fueling hopes that he can make the massive leap from Class AA ball to the major leagues in spring training.

Wong is batting .324 with 12 runs scored and 12 driven in through 17 games. If he's got a down side it's that he's struck out 11 times compared to only two walks to hold his on-base percentage to .342. One would think it would be a lot better than that with such a high batting averages. A pop gun hitter like Wong also can not afford to strike out on a pace to break the 100 mark in a 162-game season.

While there is still work to be done, Wong has been gaining praise because of his excellent fielding. If the Cardinals could find a long term solution at shortstop, the team could be in a position to once again be defensively dominating up the middle.