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Cardinals top prospect list

The Fangraphs baseball site ranks the top prospects in the Cardinals system. And, while most of the names might be familiar to Redbirds rooters, the order is eye opening.

Oscar Taveras ranks first in the system, which is to be expected. But if a fan was given three guesses about number two on the list I'd be shocked if they made the correct choice -- even if they were spotted a clue that the player is a pitcher.

Trevor Rosenthal and his 101 mile an hour fastball? No. You'd have to make it down to sixth on the list to find him. Shelby Miller? He checks in at third. Carlos Martinez is fourth.

The guy who ranks in as the second best project -- who the site predicts could make it to the big leagues in 2013 -- is 2012 draft pick Michael Wacha. It's breathtaking to think of a player who was in rookie ball last summer could be standing on the hill at Busch stadium at the same time a year later.

The projection of Wacha so highly isn't a knock on the other guys in the system. The reviews about the other top 10 prospects are largely glowing. And, best of all, it seems that the bulk of these guys is expected to make it to the major leagues sooner rather than later.

Here is the website to check the list out for yourself: