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Cardinals announce uniform changes for 2013

The Cardinals will announce the first changes to their uniforms Friday since 1998.

According to the club, an alternate jersey similar to ones the team wore in the early 1930s will be worn during Saturday home games. It features "St. Louis" in script beneath the birds on the bat instead of the word "Cardinals." 

It's the first time since 1932 that the Redbirds recognized their home city on their jerseys.

The uniforms also feature red piping around the sleeves and on front alongside the buttons like their uniforms of the 1930s.

I'm not yet sure how I feel about the uniforms. Generally speaking, I like throwbacks. But I don't care at all for the way some teams wear multiple uniforms as a way to sell multiple jerseys to fans, grabbing more cash in the process. The Cardinals were one of only four teams -- the others were the Yankees, Tigers and Dodgers -- who only wore two uniforms.

From a baseball history standpoint, it's a bit odd that Cardinals will wear the uniforms that say St. Louis at home. Typically, teams wear uniforms with their team name at home and their city of origin on the road. But I guess the Redbirds feel like their fans would enjoy the new duds at home more than opposing fans would get a kick out of them on the road.

I am still waiting to see the details before I pass judgement. The release sent out by the Cardinals didn't ndicate if the Birds will have player numbers on the front of their uniforms, something that the team has had in recent years that would look strange on a retro jersey. Also, there was no word about what cap the club would wear with them.

I believe the red home cap would look odd with a throwback because the Cardinals didn't adopt the red lids until the 1960s. There has been a rumor floating about the the team would abandon its navy road caps -- something I sincerely hope isn't true. So maybe more changes will be announced at the Friday press conference.

Uniform changes aren't something the Cardinals take lightly. In 1956 the club tried to remove the birds on the bat from the front of jerseys and fans threw such a fit that they reverted to the old style duds the following years.

I'm open minded to the changes. But I thought the Cardinals' uniforms were just about perfect, so any changes have a lot better chance to mess up a good thing than they do to improve it.