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Rumor Mill: Red Sox interested in Berkman, Lohse

According to a report in the Boston Globe, the Red Sox have their eyes on Cardinals free agents Lance Berkman and Kyle Lohse.

Boston reportedly contacted Berkman this week to see if he'd like to continue his career in Beantown. On the surface it might seem like a good idea. But I can't see it happening, less for any one reason than because of a confluence of reasons.

First, Boston just signed David Ortiz to a big dollar, two-year contract. Ortiz is pretty much only suited to be a designated hitter at this point in his career. So that means Berkman would likely have to play in the field, something that may be a problem for his distressed knees.

Second, the Ortiz signing will be a problem because Berkman has said that he only will play if he is paid to be a significant contributor. He specifically mentioned that he's not going to leave his family in Texas for a paltry few million bucks. So the fact that Ortiz will make $14 million in 2013 sets the bar high in any negotiations for Berkman. And that's a lot of money to dedicate to a pair of guys who play the same position -- and a part time position at that.

Finally, I can't imagine that Boston is a place high on Berkman's list of places he would like to play. It's far from home, it's a high pressure media market, the Red Sox don't figure to be much of a force in a division that includes the Yankees, the usually competitive Rays and the completely retooled Blue Jays.

The Red Sox seem only lukewarm on the idea of Lohse. 

The righty starter could be a good fit in Fenway Park because his sinker ought to keep the ball from flying over the Green Monster.

But I see Boston most likely as a team that Lohse's agent will use as a foil to drive up his price for teams where the hurler is more likely to land. And it seems like the west coast native has his hopes set on pitching in southern California.

The Dodgers have tons of money to spend, which is good for Lohse. But I wonder if Anaheim isn't a more likely fit because the Angels parted with starters Ervin Santana and Dan Haren already this off-season. And it remains to be seen if the team is going to be able to re-sign free agent Zack Greinke who has drawn interest from the Rangers and other clubs so far.