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Rumor Mill: Burnett asks Cardinals for four-year contract

According to, the Cardinals are talking to LHP Sean Burnett's people.

But the bullpenner is asking for a four-year contract and the Redbirds don't seem to be willing to go for a deal that long.

The Cardinals may be interested, if Burnett sticks to his guns, in trying to pick a project off the non-tendered player pile. Cleveland last week removed lefty reliever Rafael Perez from its 40-man roster. Perez, 30, was a workhorse for the tribe out of the bullpen for five years before missing all but eight games in 2012 because of problems overcoming a strained lat.

Perez is a slider pitcher who doesn't strike out many hitters. But, when he's healthy he can be a good ground ball getter -- the sort of guy who can come into a game and get a double play to kill a rally. 

Burnett is a flashier guy who in recent years has averaged close to a strikeout an inning. He's got a lot more upside than Perez. But, while I could see the Cardinals giving him a three-year deal, four is an awful lot to ask for from a lefty specialist.