Cheap Seats

Red Sox ink Napoli. Does this open the door for a deal with St. Louis?

The Red Sox have signed former Texas first baseman and catcher Mike Napoli to a three-year contract, according to multiple reports.

That move gives the Red Sox a power bat. And it creates on obvious need for Texas for a slugger who can play first base.

So... once again I am going to start beating the Matt Adams and Lance Lynn for Elvis Andrus drum.

It's a deal that makes sense for the Rangers because it gives them a cheap and effective young starter and a cheap power bat to bolster their supporting cast while they take some of their freed up cash and make a serious bid to keep Josh Hamilton in right field.

The Cardinals are said to be interested in a shortstop despite reports that claim Rafael Furcal is healthy. And Andrus, who will make less money in 2013 than Furcal, is a more financially sensible option that Troy Tuliwitzki and his mega contract.

If Furcal can play and he can't be traded, move him to second base at let him warm the seat of Kolten Wong until 2014.

Adams is a guy who might fit really well into the hitter friendly home of the Rangers where he could also be a designated hitter if Texas finds a better glove man for the roster.