Cheap Seats

Schumaker being shopped to the Dodgers

The Giants are bidding extremely aggressively and are expected to retain infielder Marco Scutaro, a player in which the Cardinals are reportedly interested.

Schumaker saw his role with the Redbirds diminish from starting second baseman to glorified pinch hitter over the course of 2012. Meanwhile the Cardinals, who have Kolten Wong on the horizon as the long term answer at second base, have been shopping around for a short term replacement on the free agent market. They also told corner infielder Matt Carpenter to work on learning to play second base over the winter.

If the writing on the wall wasn't already stating plainly enough that Schumaker isn't in the Cardinals' future plans, a couple of weeks ago when the team unveiled it's 2013 jerseys enough, Schumaker stood in the shadows while rookie pitcher Trevor Rosenthal modeled the alternate uniform and a pair of season ticket office employees wore the home and road duds.

Really? There was a genuine major league veteran actually in the room and someone decided they'd rather have a couple of salesmen pose as players?

One of the Redbirds' potential targets at second base is Giants middle infielder Marco Scutaro. Reports earlier Tuesday said that San Francisco had offered Scutaro $24 million over three years to retain his services, an outrageous amount for a 37-year-old shortstop turned second baseman.

Later reports from the San Francisco Chronicle indicate that the Giants' offer is actually for two seasons with a vesting option and that Scutaro is trying to decide between offers from San Francisco and St. Louis.

If that's the case, I sure hope the original dollars figure was inflated, too. I would hate to see the Birds pay $8 million a year for Scutaro -- even for two seasons. What in the world would they do with him if Wong is ready to make the leap to the majors sometime in the next year an a half? Either they'd have the world's most expensive light hitting bench player. Or else they could slide him over to shortstop when Rafael Furcal's contract expires and trade in their brittle, worn down 36-year-old shortstop with a 38-year-old guy.

The other guy who was apparently on the Cardinals radar over the last 48 hours was Mets outfielder Scott Hairston. But they appear to be out of the bidding in that derby. The two New York teams and the Phillies are still in the mix, according to ESPN.