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Lohse, Ludwick, Rolen and Choate

Free agent starting pitcher Kyle Lohse is apparently sticking to his guns that he wants a contract of four years or longer, according to reports out of Boston.

CBS Sports reports that the Red Sox would be interested in the longtime Cardinals hurler if he would accept a three-year contract. The Angels, who lost former St. Louis pitcher Dan Haren when they declined an option on his contract and then traded Ervin Santana, are said to be interested in Lohse as are the Dodgers.

In other former Cardinals news, the contract Ryan Ludwick has signed with the Reds is reported to be for two years and $15 million. That's a pretty steep price to pay for a 34-year-old guy who has had one good season out of the last three.

The Reds got good production in their tiny ballpark from Ludwick so they felt the need to bring him back. But the signing ought to just about tap Cincinnati out. So they're unlikely to make any other additions to the team that aren't at least cash neutral.

That means Cincinnati likely won't be bringing back former St. Louis third sacker Scott Rolen who hasn't decided if he plans to come back for another season.

I found it to be interesting that new St. Louis reliever Randy Choate told that he had offers from several team including the Cardinals and the Reds. Choate said he chose the Redbirds over the Redlegs because he felt that St. Louis has the best chance to win on a consistent basis.