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Save it, Hamiltons, we've heard it all before

Ugh. Not only do we have to watch another major league ballplayer stab the people who adore him and ultimately pay his salary in their collective back.

But, in a case of deja vu all over again, Josh Hamilton's wife is going all Mrs. Pujols and claiming the REAL reason her husband left the Rangers was because they team didn't woo him hard enough to come back.

So tens of millions of dollars aren't enough? The general manager has to smooch the player's hind end in the public square? 

I guess when you're rich you just have different problems. But Hamilton's ego issues ought to be the least of his worries.

Every time I see Josh Hamilton I don't think of one of baseball's best players. I think of a guy who cared so little about the game and about his family that he was willing to throw it all away on drugs. And after I saw the show about how Hamilton's wife stuck with him through all the hard times, I was fooled for a moment into believing that he'd changed his ways. But since then Hamilton was involved in two regrettable falls off the wagon... And we're supposed to feel like the Rangers are the ones who let Hamilton down?

Mrs. Hamilton ought to know just how much respect her husband deserves as he was disgracing her all over the world. She ought to just be happy that she hung on long enough to see her husband get the big payday he almost blew with his drug use.

Like Pujols, the Hamilton family has also tried to hang the controversial decision to bite the hand that feeds them on religion.

But when the Rangers have to play the Angels nine or 10 times in Arlington next season, I don't think Texas fans are going to be shouting "Way to go, Josh! You did the right thing!"