Cheap Seats

Is that all, Cardinals?

It's not that I object to the moves the Cardinals have made so far... It's just that I thought there would have been more of them by this point.

The Cardinals have made incremental moves to address a couple of weak areas. The got a lefty reliever -- although not one of the top ranked guys on the market. Then the Birds added a right handed bat in Ty Wigginton. But Wigginton is 35 years old... And he isn't exactly the sort of guy that is going to leave opposing managers quaking in their boots at the thought of bringing in a southpaw to face a lefty hitter.

What the team really needed was some improvement up the middle with a questionable, aging shortstop and a .245 hitting starting second baseman.

The Cardinals have chips to trade with Lance Lynn falling out of favor with the coaching staff and, some say, his teammates for pouting last year when taken out of the starting rotation. He's an 18-game winner who is cheap and under control for several more years. So he's got to have pretty good value. And then the Birds have Matt Adams, a guy who has torn up the upper minors the last two seasons with his bat but who is blocked at the big league level by Allen Craig. Those two pieces ought to be a good start toward trying to find the shortstop of the future.

If the team doesn't want to part with young talent, Stephen Drew is available as a free agent. He could play short and if Rafael Furcal is actually healthy, he could play second base to improve the offense over what Daniel Descalso has to offer.

The Cardinals of the second half last season are much better than the Redbirds of the first half. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. Instead the team seems to be content to let Cincinnati make all the big moves like trading for a leadoff man and signing an accomplished closer.