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Rumor Mill: Cardinals interested in Bud Norris?

The say it ain't so rumor of the day is a CBS report that the Cardinals have contacted the Astros about left handed starting pitcher Bud Norris.

While Norris kills the Redbirds, he's an exceedingly mediocre pitcher against everyone else. And it's tough to see a value in adding him to the St. Louis roster in order to remove him from Houston's since the Cardinals and Astros will be in different leagues starting with the 2013 season.

Norris, 27, is a 28-37 pitcher over the course of his career with an ERA of 4.42. He strikes out almost one hitter per inning. But he walks far too many with more than one free pass issued for every two innings he works. 

I wonder if Norris is truly the subject of conversations between the Redbirds and Astros. The Cardinals are pretty widely believed to be interested in some depth in the middle of the infield. And maybe Houston shortstop Jed Lowrie is sought as part of a larger deal.

In other Astros-related news, former Cardinals slugger Lance Berkman isn't believed to be completely out of the picture for a Houston reunion even though his former club signed Tampa first baseman-designated hitter Carlos Pena.

Pena would split time between DH and first base, the two positions Berkman is best suited to play after a couple of knee surgeries in 2012. But the Astros say they'd still have room for The Big Puma if Berkman plays in 2013.

That's a big if. Berkman is torn between playing another season and retirement, according to multiple reports.