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Cardinals to adopt throwback batting practice caps in 2013

The Cardinals will continue the throwback trend they started with their new alternate jerseys by adding a new batting practice cap for 2013.

The new lid will be a recreation of perhaps the most popular cap in Cardinals history, the navy model with the red bill and red STL logo that Stan Musial and his teammates wore from 1943-1955. In 1956 the Cardinals went to a solid navy cap with a red STL outlined in white. That cap has served as the Birds' road lid for the last decade and a half but, despite my continued protests, the Cardinals plan to shelve it in favor of wearing their red cap on the road in 2013.

The change isn't unique for the Cardinals. Teams across MLB seem to be making a wholesale batting practice cap change.

While I like the Cardinals version much better than the previous model that was only a red Cardinals cap with some goofy accents, I'm betting a lot of folks aren't going to like the Braves change from the script A to a revival of a politically incorrect image from the 60s and 70s.

Atlanta's batting practice lids will feature a Native American's head, complete with well-manicured mohawk which is unfortunately known as the "screaming savage" logo. I guess the Braves wanted to take some heat of Cleveland for it's cartoonish Native American logo.

The Indians have gone to a C logo batting practice cap that matches the throwback caps they adopted last year. So I guess the Braves felt like they needed to fill the void.

Here is a link to a story about the new batting practice caps complete with pictures: