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ESPN puts Cardinals 10th in off-season power rankings

The baseball prognosticators at ESPN aren't impressed with the Cardinals' quiet off-season.

They ranked the Cardinals as the 10th best team in the majors in their latest power rankings while the Central Division rival Reds are pegged the second best team in the majors behind the Nationals.

It's a bit odd to make a prediction when the rosters aren't yet shaped for the 2013 season and while it's unclear who will be healthy and who won't. But I guess we all have to have something to talk about over the winter.

While the Birds aren't getting a lot of respect, at least they're still in the National League playoff picture. They're the fifth-highest rated Senior Circuit team on the list. The Braves are fifth and the Dodgers are eighth.

Despite the addition of Josh Hamilton, the predictors aren't very impressed with Albert Pujols' Angels. Anaheim ranks 12th overall and seventh in the American League. Both Hamilton's former Rangers (ninth) and the Athletics (seventh) rank ahead of the Halos in the American League West.

The defending World Series champion Giants rank 13th on the list. Milwaukee is 16th, the Pirates are 22nd and the Cubs are 24th.