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Berkman agrees to one-year deal with Rangers

Former Cardinals slugger Lance Berkman said it would take a pretty big carrot to lure him to play another year of baseball.

$11 million is a pretty big carrot.

Fox Sports reports Berkman, who had offers from the Astros and Orioles as well as interest from the Yankees, signed with Texas to remain close to home while getting a chance to play for a contender. With the Rangers he'll likely spend most of his time as designated hitter although he could find some playing time in the outfield or at first base.

Berkman said when he was in St. Louis that playing right field was better on his fragile knees than first base because he didn't have to make the quick lateral movement in the outfield as he would making split-second reactions at an infield corner.

According to reports, Berkman's deal could include a vesting option that would allow him to play beyond 2013.

I hate to see Berkman wear another uniform. But I'm glad to see that he's apparently healthy enough to continue his career. And it would be a sweet story to see Berkman meet the Cardinals in the World Series wearing a Rangers uniform.

We'll see what he has left in the tank.