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Rangers' Kinsler won't move from second base

The Rangers have steadfastly insisted they don't plan to trade shortstop Elvis Andrus despite the emergence of top prospect Jurickson Profar. But that may change, thanks to a revelation from another one of their players.

A Fox Sports report indicates that second baseman Ian Kinsler has informed the Rangers he's changed his mind about being willing to move from second to first base. Texas planned to make room for its younger shortstop by moving either him or Andrus to second base and switching Kinsler to first.

That seems to indicate that Texas has a middle infield traffic jam. And, perhaps, the club might be more motivated to move one of its shortstop candidates.

The Cardinals would be an excellent landing spot for the 25-year-old Kinsler. He'd be a long term replacement for oft injured and aging St. Louis shortstop Rafael Furcal.