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Rumor Mill: Ronnie Cedeno

The Cardinals are apparently considering former Cubs shortstop Ronnie Cedeno as their insurance policy against injury to starter Rafael Furcal.

I think I would prefer that they just put that premium payment in their pocket in case they need to make a move later. 

Cedeno is a career .247 hitter with a .290 on base percentage. Those poor on base percentage numbers are complimented perfectly by awful power numbers. He has a career .357 slugging percentage.

His glove is OK. But I'm not sure what Cedeno brings to the table that Pete Kozma leaves to be desired. Kozma, besides a hiccup in the 2011 National League Championship Series, has shown a pretty good glove at every level where he has played. He's got a .303 batting average in 104 major league plate appearances. That's a terribly small sample size. But it doesn't seem that he could be any less of an offensive force than Cedeno.

While the former Cubs, Mariners, Pirates and Mets infielder has 779 major league games under his belt, Kozma has played in more big games. Cedeno was part of two Cubs teams that made the playoffs and then bowed out with a whimper. He didn't even get to bat in either of them. Kozma hit .214 in 51 plate appearances in the 2011 post season. Those aren't exciting numbers. But he had a couple of pretty big hits -- especially his deciding game double in the NLDS against Washington.

Bottom line, if the Birds can get Cedeno super cheap, maybe he's worth a flier. But I don't see a guy who only got 186 plate appearances last season for the Mets as a big improvement to the bench.

The Cardinals, who jumped on Ty Wiggington only to watch Scott Hairston fall to the Cubs for $2 million a year over two seasons, have been unable to address the issue of their poor hitting bench. They prospectively have Matt Carpenter on the pine... and then a weak hitting back up catcher in Tony Cruz, Cedeno, Wigginton and Shane Robinson.

I sure hope that Oscar Tavares comes along quickly.