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Rolen wants to play -- but how much would Reds pay to keep him?

Former Cardinals third baseman Scott Rolen has decided he wants to play in 2013, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

But the question remains whether the Reds can afford to keep Rolen in the fold.

Cincinnati has moved on with Todd Frazier expected to start at third base in 2013. While it remains to be seen if Rolen would accept a reduced role, he apparently expects a sizable paycheck. Supposedly he wants something close to the $6.5 million he got last season.

I wondered earlier this off season if the Cardinals, now without Rolen's arch enemy Tony La Russa, would be interested in Rolen as a pinch hitter. But I think that price is a little bit excessive. And we know Rolen's not going to take playing time from a healthy David Freese, so he would have to be willing to accept a reserve role.

In short, it doesn't seem like there is a match here -- unless Rolen stays home and the Cardinals were to have health problems that caused them to need a corner infielder. Maybe then they could pick him up later.

The Enquirer reported that the Dodgers expressed interest in Rolen but that he prefers to play in the Midwest.