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Braun's in hot water again

It seems that our old friend Ryan Braun is in trouble again in relation to performance enhancing drugs.

His name came up on a list of clients from a clinic linked to providing players with illegal performance enhancers. It's the same business that was recently tied to disgraced Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Braun has already dodged one bullet when it comes to PEDs. And, ironically, he's using that first incident as his excuse to try to explain away the second one. He has claimed he was named on a list of players who owed the PED supplier money only because he solicited the clinic's advice in his defense on the first accusation.

That's rich.

Braun was busted dead to rights during the 2011 playoffs because of a dirty PED test. He wiggled off the hook because the courier got to the shipper too late to send the sample to Major League Baseball's testing lab the day it was taken. So the courier took the sealed package home overnight. That was against protocol -- but it was never proved that the positive sample was tampered with in any way or that delaying testing for a day a week or a month could alter the results.

So Braun walked on a technicality.

We'll see if MLB lets him get away with a legal slight of hand again. And it probably will. After all, if baseball really wanted to clean up the PEDs, it would do away with the suspensions and the double secret probation and put a clause in player contracts that states their team can void their multi-million-dollar contracts if they test positive.