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Mariners try to screw things up for Cardinals in Wainwright dealings

USA Today reports that the Mariners are about to sign starting pitcher Felix Hernandez to a seven-year contract for $175 million.

It's the most lucrative contract for a pitcher in Major League Baseball History. That can't be good for the Adam Wainwright negotiations.

Hernandez, 26, is 98-76 over the course of his major league career, which gives him a winning percentage of .563. He's got a lifetime ERA of 3.22. Hernandez has never pitched in a playoff game and over the last three years his win totals are 13, 14 and 13. 

Wainwright, 31, is 80-48 for a .625 career winning percentage with an ERA of 3.15. He's 2-0 with four saves in the playoffs. Wainwright missed the whole 2011 season following elbow surgery. But in his last three active seasons, 2009, 2010 and 2012, his win totals are 19, 20 and 14.

Wainwright is five years older than Hernadez, so hopefully he'll be willing to accept less years. But it is beginning to seem that four years of $25 million is probably the floor for Wainwright. And I'm guessing he'll push for five years at that price.