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Bourn signing likely hurts Kyle Lohse

The surprise signing of Michael Bourn by the Indians has likely taken another possible destination for Cardinals free agent starter Kyle Lohse off the market.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, both Lohse and Bourn were considered to be long shot signings last week. But it is extremely unlikely that the Tribe could afford BOTH players.

The Rangers and Brewers are thought to be the most interested in Lohse with Baltimore another -- yet less likely -- destination.

Cleveland was an intriguing possibility for Lohse and Bourn because, since the Indians were one of the 10 worst teams in baseball, it was not required to part with a first round draft pick to sign either player. Instead, the Braves will get Cleveland's third round draft pick. Cleveland already gave up its second round pick when it signed former Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher.