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Tampa's David Price says he doesn't like rules

A report from Fox Sports today quotes Tampa Rays starter David Price as saying that he's not going to give his current team a discount when he signs a contract extension.

Nothing new about that. Even the part where he says it's not about money but, instead, about respect.

But the thing that grabbed me was that he said he doesn't want to sign a long term deal with a club that has a bunch of rules. He specified the Yankees, a club known for not allowing players to have beards or long sideburns as a place he doesn't want to play.

He called it "old school baseball" and said he wants no part of it.

I'm sure his agent loved that he wrote off the largest market in one fell swoop. And then the Dodgers are a team that has had rules about hair length and neat appearance -- although the club made an exception for Manny Ramirez for some reason. So there goes another one of the big spenders.

But I'm really curious about what rules he's so concerned about. Is his life's ambition to pitch with his jersey untucked? Does he want to play for a team that will let him cut a slit down the middle of his cap so he can have a Mohawk that sticks through?

Everybody has a different priority. But this is a new one on me.