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Shelby Miller sidelined by shoulder soreness

The Cardinals have announced that top pitching prospect Shelby Miller was scratched from throwing a bullpen session Wednesday because of soreness in his shoulder.

Miller said he doesn't think the problem is anything to panic about. He said he had a similar thing happen last year at the beginning of spring training and that he expects to quickly be over it.

Hopefully Miller is right. But the Cardinals are certainly doing the correct thing to shut him down. There is absolutely no reason to make things worse by pushing Miller to try to pitch through the pain.

Maybe the biggest cause of injuries to pitchers is changing their mechanics to try to pitch through an injury. Their shoulder hurts, so they change their arm angle to take strain off of it and put it on their elbow so they tear a ligament. Or maybe they change their arm slot to take pressure off the front of their shoulder and they hurt the back.