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Stop me if you've heard this one before. But Lance Berkman is out with a leg injury

Former Cardinals outfielder and first baseman Lance Berkman is trying to start over in a new place after a nightmare of injuries last year in St. Louis.

But, Despite the new locale, Berkman can't shake the problems with his legs.

The Rangers report that he's being held out of action while he nurses a calf strain. Berkman calls it "minor." But how many times last year hear that the Big Puma's latest malady was no big deal.

Berkman had a great 2011 and I'm thankful for the offense and leadership he provided for the Cardinals. But I was shocked that he not only didn't retire -- he signed a guaranteed two-year contract with Texas when it sure seems like he is out of gas.

And not only is his calf a problem already in 2013. But Berkman set Rangers fans off earlier this week when he described his surgically repaired knee as "about 80 percent. Yikes.