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Rangers say they're no longer interested in Lohse

Leaders of the team considered to be the most likely to ink former St. Louis Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse to a free agent contract have announce they're no longer interesting in signing the 2012 winner of 16 games.

The Texas Rangers on Wednesday signed 39-year-old major league veteran Derek Lowe to a minor league deal. While the Rangers say their plan is to audition Lowe for a job in their bullpen, they claim to no longer be interested in Lohse as a candidate for their starting rotation.

There was no official explanation for the change of heart. But earlier reports indicated that Texas was reluctant to give up the 24th pick in the June draft as compensation for signing a 34-year-old pitcher.

Despite Lohse's now desperate search for a contract, the Cardinals seem to be sticking to their position that they'd rather give their young pitchers a chance to fill the holes created by Lohse's departure and the potential career-ending injury of Chris Carpenter.