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Former Cardinals 3B Rolen could find work with the New York Yankees

Former St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Scott Rolen is on the New York Yankees' radar screen as a potential boost to the Bronx Bomber's injury-depleted infield.

The Yankees are in need of help at third base with Alex Rodriguez out due to major hip surgery. Ironically, a few years ago when Rolen was still in his prime with St. Louis and A-Rod hadn't yet been disgraced by steroid implications, trade rumors circulated that the two best third basemen in baseball at the time could be traded for each other.

Now it seems that they're both struggling to see which one can hang on to a major league paycheck longer.

Rolen, according to multiple reports, was offered $4 million to play in 2013 by both the Reds and the Dodgers. But he turned those prospective deals down because he wanted more money and guarantees of playing time.

If Rolen, who could manage an average of only 78 games over the last two years with a .244 batting mark thanks to injuries, could probably find all the playing time he could handle n New York if he can hit. When -- or if -- Rodriguez comes back, he seems to have designated hitter written all over him.

But there are a lot of folks who think A-Rod's time in New York is through and that he may either retire or take a settlement to end his career in pinstripes.

It's odd that the suddenly cost conscious Yankees might balk at paying Rolen more than $4 million in a one-year deal when they're still on the hook for the bulk of the ridiculous $275-million contract they opted to give Rodriguez when he opted out of his $250-million previous contract and found no other suitors for his over-rated services.