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Washington Nationals sign J.C. Romero

There seems to be a little something to the old saying that if you happen to be left handed and actually breathing, there is a place for you in the bullpen of a major league baseball club.

Former Cardinals southpaw J.C. Romero not only has found yet another lease on life. He actually has a shot to pitch out of the bullpen of the Washington Nationals, a club favored by many to represent the National League this fall in the World Series.

The Nats are Romero's eight club. He washed out with the Redbirds last season after allowing nine earned runs on 14 hits in eight innings of work. Still, he was picked up by the Orioles and he wasn't much better with four runs allowed on seven hits in four innings.

Still, Washington's front office saw something it liked in Romero thanks to a strong performance for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic.

We'll see if he can hang on.