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Scott Rolen still available, could have been a nice bench piece for St. Louis Cardinals

The New York Yankees deny that they have any interest in former St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Scott Rolen despite the fact that both of New York's corner infielders -- Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira -- could miss a major chunk of the 2013 season.

I wonder, with the way things have shaken out, if the Cardinals would have been better off making a play for Rolen then spending $5 million over two years of Ty Wigginton.

Rolen would be the threatening right handed batter the Redbirds have craved -- a job Wiggington seemed ill-suited for BEFORE he showed up for spring training only to hit .100 through 45 plate appearances. 

With Matt Carpenter doing well in the effort to add second base to his defensive availability, the utility role Wiggington will fill is redundant. If Wigginton didn't have his two-year deal, he'd probably be gone by now.

Rolen supposedly turned down a $4 million deal with the Cincinnatti Reds, so it's difficult to say if the Cardinals could pay him what he wants. And, unless David Freese gets hurt, he's the starting third baseman. So there is no opportunity in St. Louis for Rolen to be a starter. But he might get to start 20 games at first base and maybe another 10 plus at third based on Freese's durability.

Besides having a pretty good bench bat the rest of the time, the Cardinals could certainly use Rolen's veteran presence. They took a major hit with the loss of Chris Carpenter, Skip Schumaker and Lance Berkman to injury, trade and free agency.

Speaking of Berkman, he's batting .222 with one home run in 47 plate appearances with the Texas Rangers so far this spring.