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Despite being grounded on opening day, Lewis the bald eagle is safe and sound

If you're worried about the fate of Lewis the bald eagle, who was scheduled to do a fly over at Busch Stadium on opening day but then mysteriously didn't, don't be.

Walter Crawford, executive director of the World Bird Sanctuary where Lewis lives, said it was decided at the last minute to call off the pre-game fly over because there were too many people on the field including a group of airmen from Scott Air Force Base who were holding a giant American flag during the national anthem.

"The birds don't like it when people are under them like that," Crawford said. "So it could have been an unsafe situation for the birds and an unsafe situation for the people. We decided to play it safe."

Instead of the flying bird, three eagles were on the field on the arms of handlers for the National Anthem. But Crawford said the organization's eagles will come back to Busch Stadium later in the year when things are more calm than on opening day and take to the skies.

"We'll probably be out there five or six times over the course of the season," Crawford said. "It's something we like to do to get a little bit of exposure for our operation. We love to let people see thee beautiful birds. They call us all the time and tell us how much they love when we're at the stadium. But if they want to see us they should call the Cardinals and tell them how much they like it."

You can find out more about the World Bird sanctuary at the website