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Cardinals near the top of MLB attendance chart

Through six home games the Cardinals are off to a good start when it comes to drawing fans to the stands.

They rank third in Major League Baseball in attendance with an average home crowd of 41,637 fans. The Los Angeles Dodgers are first with 47,263 fans per game and the San Francisco Giants are second at 41,638 -- just one more fan per game than the Redbirds.

St. Louis' Monday night opponent and National League Central foe the Pittsburgh Pirates ranked 22nd going into the first game of their series with 24,517 fans per game. That number appeared to be trending downward with the team pulling in an announced crowd of just more than 10,000 Monday.

The Cincinnati Reds started the evening ranked 13th with an average crowd of 32,933. But that number's coming down, too. The Reds drew 17,345 while hosting the Philadelphia Phillies on Monday.

It doesn't seem, no matter what they do on the field that the Reds can draw. And that really makes me wonder how the team thought it was going to be able to afford the contracts it passed out to Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips when it can't put paying customers in the seats on a consistent basis.

The Cubs, who used to be able to sell out their park every day despite the standings, are averaging 32,451 tickets sold, good enough for 15th in attendance. But that is only 78.8 percent of the capacity of Wrigley Field.

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