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Rumors persist that former Cardinals skipper Tony La Russa will take over the Angels

The drum beat that the Angels will fire manager Mike Scioscia thanks to his club's slow start and replace him with former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa just keeps getting louder.

La Russa has steadfastly denied interest in that position -- or in any other managerial position -- since he retired from the Redbirds after winning the 2011 World Series. But I guess his relationship with Angels first baseman Albert Pujols and the fact that he hails from California are factors too great for dot connectors to overcome.

I have to question why people think La Russa, who will be 69 by the end of this season, would want to take on that sort of task.

The Angels are 4-10 and barely ahead of the monumentally bad Houston Astros in the American League West standings. By matter of course, if he was hired, he would inherit a roster that managed to get the most secure manager in MLB, who has a 10-year contract that runs through 2018, fired.

It's grasping for straws to think that changing the name on the manager's office door will magically reverse Anaheim's problems. It's not as if Scioscia's blown a chance to save a run here or score on there and that's making the difference between winning and losing. Six of Anaheim's 10 losses have come by four or more runs.

Is it Scioscia's fault that Albert Pujols can't run, that Josh Hamilton is hitting .200 and that starting pitchers Joe Blanton and and Jason Vargas have given up 53 hits in 28 1/3 combined innings? I'm not sure what La Russa could to inspire a fractured clubhouse and an aging roster.

But it would be a short term solution at best. And if Anaheim's players quit on Scioscia, they don't deserve a new manager. They deserve a one way ticket to retirement.