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so far, so good for Chris Carpenter

I have been tempering my enthusiasm for the potential return of Chris Carpenter to active duty with the Cardinals.

After he had to shut things down before the start of spring training, the chances Carpenter could competitively pitch in the major leagues again seemed extremely remote.

But, judging from what general manager John Mozeliak had to say during the Friday game against the Rockies, it's starting to seem like there is a realistic chance that it could happen.

Speaking over video of Carpenter throwing in right field at Busch Stadium before the game, Mozeliak said Carp has thrown several times over the past couple of weeks. There has been no sign of the pain or numbness in his pitching shoulder that caused all the problems this year and last.

I'm still cautious in my optimism about Carpenter. But, boy, it would be huge to have him back in the mix. Especially if he could serve as the closer in place of the injured Jason Motte.