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What's there to complain about St. Louis Cardinals fans?

I was surprised Sunday to hear a lot of grumbling at Busch stadium and around town from Cardinals fans miffed about the team's 8-2 loss to the Rockies.

Sure, St. Louis fans want to see the Redbirds win. But it wasn't like the team didn't show up. Five of the eight runs it gave up came on a pair of timely homers. The rest came at the hands of a pitcher making his first career appearance at Busch Stadium, in mop up duty, no less. Some days the ball just isn't going to bounce their way.

I thought Cardinals fans were a little bit spoiled with three World Series in the last decade and two championships. But this is ridiculous.

While no loss is ideal, I would suggest that the more important 8-2 score the Cardinals posted Sunday was the club's record over its last 10 games.

The Cardinals absolutely demolished the Brewers with a four-game sweep in Milwaukee. Then they split a two-game set with the Cubs and came home and won the Rockies series. I don't care if they lose 20-0 two times in 10 games if the Birds win the other eight. After all, the only number that really matters is the win-loss record.

How can people complain when the Cardinals have the best record in baseball, they haven't blown a save in weeks and the offensive is pretty consistently providing timely hits and runs.

If a team wins two of three games over the course of a season, it's almost assured a spot in the playoffs. So take it easy, Redbirds rooters. Hundreds of teams have tried. But you really can't win them all.