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St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Trevor Rosenthal switches to agent Scott Boras

St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Trevor Rosenthal has announced that he has switched agencies and that he is now being represented by Scott Boras.

That's not a big deal in the short term because Rosenthal isn't even eligible to go to salary arbitration for the first time until 2015. But it could change how the Redbirds' relationship develops with their young fireballer.

Boras is notorious for advising his clients to shun signing contract extensions before they hit free agency. So it seems unlikely that the Cardinals would be able to sign Rosenthal to a team-friendly contract before he hits the open market.

The Cardinals, in recent years, have benefitted from the technique of signing young stars to multi-year extensions before they get too deep into arbitration. The player gets financial security they wouldn't get unless they manage to stay healthy until they hit the market and to ink a multi-year deal. The team gets a couple of extra years of control of the player's rights at a reasonable cost and everyone is happy.

The team signed Albert Pujols, Adam Wainwright, Jaime Garcia, Yadier Molina and -- most recently -- Allen Craig to multi-year extensions before they hit the open market.