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Cardinals announce Jaime Garcia has injured his shoulder

It seemed like things were going a little bit too well.

And less than 24 hours after he won his fifth game of the season, the Cardinals have announced that starting pitcher Jaime Garcia has injured his pitching shoulder and that he'll likely require surgery.

Garcia is the second St. Louis starter in a week to go down to an injury and suddenly Chris Carpenter's comeback bid loses some novelty and gains some urgency.

The Redbirds haven't announced how they'll replace Garcia in the short term, as Carpenter is probably at least a month to six weeks away -- if he makes it back at all.

Reliever Mitchel Boggs, fresh off a crummy performance for Class AAA Memphis and with a 5.06 ERA thanks to more walks than strikeouts, has been recalled to take Garcia's roster spot.

Candidates to replace Garcia in the rotation are 2012 Cardinals swing man Joe Kelly, bullpenners Carlos Martinez and Seth Maness and Memphis standout Michael Wacha. The safe bet is probably Kelly because of his experience. But he'd probably have to go to the minors to stretch out after being used sparingly this season.

I'd love to see Wacha. But he's only been as high as Class AAA for five weeks and he only had a cup of coffee in Class AA last year. Maness has been very good out of the bullpen. So maybe Martinez is the smart choice.

I was shocked when the Cardinals called Martinez up to the big leagues. But he's already here. So we might as well see if he's got a future as a major league starter or reliever.