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Carpenter throws 25 pitches without problems

St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Chris Carpenter threw 25 pitches Wednesday and reported no problems.

It was Carpenter's first throwing session since the team decided to slow things down after a setback last week. 

The club has characterized the problem as a "bad day" after Carpenter threw about 80 pitches with breaks in between more than a sign that the oft injured veteran's rehab is going off the rails. While the Cardinals haven't announced a change in plans for Carpenter, however, the drastic reduction in pitches seems to indicate that either his return has been pushed back or else the plan is leaning towards him working in relief instead of starting.

While a vintage Carpenter at the front of the rotation would be ideal, the Cardinals are still weak in the bullpen and could use the help where ever Carpenter could contribute.

While the Redbirds are leading a hotly-contested race for the lead of the National League Central division with a seemingly endless stream of injury replacements from the minor leagues, when it comes to high pressure playoff games a veteran starter would sure be useful.