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Yadier Molina's one game suspension is the best thing that could have happened

Fortunately for the Cardinals, Major League Baseball has chosen to give catcher Yadier Molina only a token suspension following the fracas caused Sunday by his ejection Sunday from a game against the San Francisco Giants.

Molina got a one-game ban and an undisclosed fine for making contact with one of the umpires as he protested his ejection. A day off is hardly a punishment for a major league player. In fact, it's probably a blessing in disguise for manager Mike Matheny who has to fight to try to get Molina to take a day off here and there.

I wonder if the decision to appeal the suspension was an effort simply to push back the day Molina has to sit out. He just got a day off Friday when thunderstorms postponed the Cardinals game. The club played a double header the next day but Molina sat out one of the games. If they could push the day off back a week or two to spread things out, that would be ideal for St. Louis.

I was concerned that Molina might be made an example and that he'd get a week or more off for his persistent and violent outburst.

After he was ejected for slamming him helmet to the ground, Molina mde a run at the offending arbiter three or four times while his brother who was coaching first base for the Cardinals, manager Mike Matheny and third base coach Jose Oquendo tried to hold him back. It seemed pretty obvious that if Molina could have got to the umpire he would have torn him limb from limb.

Typically, it's almost a matter of procedure that if a player appeals his suspension it will be reduced. But it's doubtful that MLB will completely erase Molina's punishment.

The biggest problem it's going to cause for the Cardinals is that the team is going to have to either make a roster shuffle to bring up a third catcher or else hope for the best that back-up Tony Cruz isn't injured while playing in Molina's spot.