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Interleague play is past is prime

The mess that was the Cardinals' Sunday night game against the Texas Rangers is yet another example of why Major League Baseball ought to get rid of interleague play.

Because the Rangers don't come to St. Louis again this year -- and probably not again for several seasons -- the teams had little choice but to wait out a driving rainstorm Sunday night. The game, which was supposed to be shown on national television in prime time instead started at the time it normally would have ended.

How fair is it for fans to sit in a lightning storm for three hours waiting for a game to be played? It was actually fortunate that the game started at 10 p.m. and not 11 or midnight. And then even fewer people who dropped $200 to pay for tickets to take a family of four to the game would have been out of luck.

Of course, Texas and the Cardinals both had an off day Monday. But the Rangers didn't want to lose time with their families. So they reportedly rejected an overture to postpone the game. But usually that isn't an option with few days off worked into the MLB season schedule.

I'd rather see the Cardinals play more games with their traditional rivals like the Giants, Dodgers and Mets and less against teams from the American League. The Redbirds aren't competing with the Angels, Astros or Rangers for a playoff spot.