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Former Cardinals slugger Lance Berkman injured knee in plane incident

Former Cardinals slugger Lance Berkman has made the news with his latest knee injury.

As of Tuesday morning the switch hitter ranks in the top 10 web searches on thanks to putting himself out of the Texas Rangers lineup by falling down the stairs of the team jet.

He's missed three games so far and told the local press that he's not sure how much longer he'll be out because his oft-damaged knees don't heal like they used to. But it is believed Berkman will avoid a trip to the disabled list because of the Gerald Foridan mishap.

Berkman started the season off with a hot streak. But he's cooled lately with a .263 batting average and six home runs used almost exclusively as the Texas designated hitter. He missed all but 32 games in 2012 with St. Louis thanks to chronic knee problems that required a pair of surgeries.