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Cubs reportedly close to finally shedding Alfonso Soriano

It appears the Chicago Cubs fire sale is nearing a second alarm.

According to a report in the New York Post, The Wee Bears are near a deal with the New York Yankees to send Alfonso Soriano back to the team where he got his start in the major leagues.

The Yankees, reportedly, will send a "middle level prospect" to the Cubs in exchange for Soriano and the remains of his mega contract that set the theme for Chicago's early 2000 plans.

Soriano, 37, is a .272 career hitter with 389 career homers. He's batting .256 this year with 17 homers and 51 RBIs.

Fearing his contract demands would out-strip his production, the Yankees shipped Soriano to the Texas Rangers before the 2004 season. He was then flipped to the Washington Nationals before the 2006 campaign.

While the Nationals may have hoped to re-sign the second baseman turned outfielder, he sparked a free agent bidding war that eventually ended when the Cubs offered Soriano a then breathtaking contract of eight seasons for $136 million that would pay the defensively challenged player through his 38th birthday. He's owed the balance of $18 million for the 2013 season and another $18 million in 2014.