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I can't take much more of Westbrook

The Cardinals might be able to get something going if they didn't have Jake Westbrook breaking their streaks -- and their backs -- every time he takes the mound lately.

I can't lay the entire Saturday night loss to the Reds at his feet as the Birds batsmen could only muster four hits. But it has to be a least a little bit demoralizing to his teammates to score one run in the first and then have Westbrook give back two in the bottom of the inning thanks to his trademark lousy pitching in in the clutch.

Westbrook gave up five runs with two outs -- including the cherry on top of walking the Cincinnati seventh place hitter then giving up a home run to the eighth batter for the fourth and fifth runs.

A friend asked me after the game Saturday how long I thought the Cardinals could stick with Westbrook after uninspiring performances against the Pirates and Reds. I answered that I think we're stuck with him as long as he stays healthy. It's not like the Redbirds to pay a guy $9 million to ride the pine in the bullpen.

I still wish the Cardinals would have let Westbrook walk away as a free agent and instead signed Kyle Lohse to an extension. Yeah, Lohse would have taken a larger and longer commitment. But you get what you pay for.