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Where has the Cardinals hitting gone?

The Cardinals pitching staff has taken a lot of guff lately. But isn't it the hitters who are the ones who are really laying down on the job?

The Cardinals scored one run against a Dodgers rookie on Thursday and through six and a half innings Friday night they hadn't scored against the Cubs.

That's ridiculous for a team that had three of its starting position players make the All-Star Game. Especially when you consider that the guys who have been criticized the most in the batting order -- Matt Holliday, David Freese and Jon Jay are the ones who are hitting the best right now.

This team's trademark this season has been its incredible clutch hitting. But it's just the opposite now. The Cardinals seem to go to the plate without a plan and hack from the heels. But, to make matters worse, their hacks aren't even paying off. They can't hit a home run lately to save their lives.

I'd really like to see the Cardinals batsmen try to take the ball up the middle a little more and hit the other way. It seems as if they are trying to do much and, subsequently, they're getting nothing. They need to manufacture runs if they can't manage to score them quickly or in bunches.