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The Cardinals lose another listless game

All I heard all day long was how the Cardinals just crush former St. Louis pitcher Kyle Lohse.

The Tuesday game with Milwaukee, so important in the Redbirds' effort to catch the Pittsburgh Pirates, seemed to be in the bag before it even started.

But a funny thing happened after the game started. Lohse held the Cardinals offense to three runs over the six innings he pitched. That was less than the five runs St. Louis starter Lance Lynn gave up in the fourth inning to erase the Birds' 3-0 lead. Then he gave up another tally in the sixth while the eager Redbirds batsmen took the last five innings of the game off.

I keep waiting for the Cardinals to get angry about being in second place to a team less experienced and talented as they are. To get steamed about getting rolled by the Pirates, Braves, Cubs and Dodgers... But, no matter what happens, they just don't seem to get too excited about it.

Former St. Louis GM Walt Jocketty used to talk about how he didn't like to keep a team together after it won a World Series because the players seemed to get complacent. I am starting to wonder if maybe this club, despite an infusion of youth, is a little to pleased with itself.

The Cardinals seem to expect, after stunning comebacks the last two years just to make the playoffs, that things will just work themselves out somehow. But the reason the 2011 and 2012 teams made it so far was because they were hungry. This team seems to have filled up on bread in the first half. And now that the games are pressure-packed, they don't seem to have the appetite for the entree.