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The St. Louis Cardinals better find the on switch quickly

I'm less disturbed by the fact THAT the St. Louis Cardinals lost game two of their National League Division Series against the Pittsburgh Pirates than I am about HOW they lost it.

The Redbirds pounded the Pirates in Game One, scoring early and often. Then they showed up for game two seemingly expecting that when they walked out on the field the Pirates would bow down and surrender.

They didn't.

Instead the Pirates returned the favor and pounded a lazy and listless Cardinals team that made numerous errors of the mental variety and a couple of very unfortunate ones of the mental type.

The Cardinals were in position to take a two games to nothing lead in a five-game series. Now they've potentially painted themselves into a corner. They go to Pittsburgh tied at one and must face a left handed pitcher who has been very hard on them in recent history. If they lose, rookie Michael Wacha is going to have to find a way to send the series back to St. Louis where ace Adam Wainwright would have to try to win game five.

I'm especially disappointed by the play of David Freese who made two errors Friday.

Freese had a sub par 2013 season and has alienated a large portion of the Cardinals fan base which would like to see the club trade him away and move Matt Carpenter to third base. The playoffs are where Freese usually signs. So, with so much on the line, its hard to excuse his lousy play. Not only is Freese's opportunity to stay with the team he rooted for as a kid slipping through his fingers. But you'd think he'd at least be motivated to play for a new contract.