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Even after being beaten by them, Dodgers still disrespect Cardinals

The Dodgers couldn't pass up one last chance to take the low road Friday night, whining in a Los Angeles Times piece that Joe Kelly should have been the National League Championship Series MVP because of his pitch that fractured the rib of shortstop Hanley Ramirez.

Leave it to Los Angeles to be so disrespectful of a team that bested them to assume that if Ramirez was healthy they would have won.

Sure, Ramirez is a great hitter. He hit .345 over the regular season -- when he was healthy enough to stay on the field. Ramirez, long before his fateful meeting with Kelly, could only manage to play in 86 games in 2013 -- a little more than half of the Dodgers schedule. Could he have made a difference? Sure, it's possible.

But to assume that he certainly would have is disrespectful to the Cardinals pitchers' ability to do their job. Let's not forget, Dodgers, they're major league players, too. And they've had a lot more recent success than you have. Besides, there is ample evidence that St. Louis hurlers might have been able to put up a fight against Ramirez -- who was dinged up before the NLCS even started.

Yasiel Puig, the brash Dodgers rookie who caused a heated argument between MLB rep Joe Torre and LA general manager Ned Colletti before game six over his total disrespect for the officiating crew, managed to hit .227 with no home runs against Cardinals hurlers. Take away his 3-for-4 performance in Game 5 -- forever to be known as the Mickey Mouse game -- and Adrian Gonzalez hit .143 for the rest of the series.

While much was made of the injury to Ramirez's ribs, the Dodgers apparently thought he was healthy enough to play almost the entire series. He was supposedly going to be scratched for Game 6 right up until game time. But then manager Don Mattingly not only thought Ramirez was well enough to play -- he thought he was well enough to bat in the clean-up spot. 

If it was the injury and not the pitching that caused Ramirez to hit .130 in the NLCS, why didn't Mattingly play someone who was healthy instead? I can't wait to hear how the Los Angeles skipper's tactical errors were also the Cardinals' fault.