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Cardinals have owned Jake Peavy in the post season

It's been a long time since the Cardinals have faced Jake Peavy in the post season.

But when they previously matched up against Peavy, then the ace of the San Diego Padres, they pretty much owned him.

In 2005 Peavy gave up eight earned runs on eight hits in 4 1/3 innings of work against the Redbirds in the National League Division series. He faced the Cardinals again the following year and surrendered five earned runs on 11 hits in 5 1/3 innings of the 2006 National League Division Series.

He's 0-2 overall against St. Louis in the post season with a 12.10 ERA and three homers allowed in the 9 2/3 innings he hurled.

Peavy has pitched two games since then, both of them for the Red Sox this year. In those two starts he totaled 7 2/3 innings pitched with a 5 2/3 win over the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League Division Series and a three-inning drubbing at the hands of the Detroit Tigers. Peavy allowed seven earned runs in that outing on seven hits and three walks.

The Cardinals haven't faced Peavy for a long time because he's spent the last few years in the American League. He was 3-4 with a 2.97 ERA during the regular season against the Cardinals.

Peavy's numbers seem to indicate that's he's not a great high pressure performer. But the days when St. Louis last beat him up in the playoffs are the better part of a decade in the past and the players who inflicted that damage are long gone. 

Hopefully St. Louis batters can make Peavy work hard in the early innings and score some runs to give Joe Kelly a lead.

Kelly isn't the sort of guy the Birds can expect to pitch eight innings of shutout ball. But he is capable of holding the opposition to a run or two over five or six innings. If he has his usual start it's up to the offense to score five or six runs and then the bullpen has to hold things down.