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Pitching match-ups for games six and seven favor Cardinals

The Cardinals, obviously, face a steep uphill climb if they're to pull out a victory in the 2013 World Series.

But, even after losing two of three games at home and putting themselves in a spot where they have to win consecutive contests at Fenway Park, their position isn't impossible.

The most favorable pitching match-up for the Redbirds repeats itself Wednesday when St. Louis wonder rookie Michael Wacha -- 4-0 with a 1.00 ERA in the post season -- faces Boston starter John Lackey.

Lackey was 10-13 during the regular season and lost Game 2 of the World Series to Wacha during their previous matchup in Boston.

If the Cardinals can manage to win Game 6 they'll set up a winner take all game Thursday with Joe Kelly facing Ryan Dempster or Jake Peavy, two pitchers that they've had success against in the past.

Kelly held the Red Sox to two hits over five innings in his previous appearance in this World Series. And you can be sure that if the Fall Classic makes it to Game 7, Kelly will be backed up by every pitcher the Redbirds can muster if need be.