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Rumor Mill: David Freese

According to tweet from a New York Daily News writer, the New York Yankees are talking with the St. Louis Cardinals about a trade for third baseman David Freese.

There has been a lot of speculation about Freese losing his job to second baseman Matt Carpenter who started his professional career at the hot corner. That's not a move I like in a vacuum because 1) The Redbirds struggle already against lefty pitchers. So moving Carpenter, a lefty, to third to make room for Kolten Wong, a lefty, seems likely to only make matters worse. 2) Wong hasn't proved yet that he can hit at the major league level. So how can the Cardinals move an All-Star second baseman to make room for a question mark -- unless they make another move to shore up the offense and provide some depth?

To replace Freese with Carpenter, the Redbirds need to make another move to balance things out.

If the Cardinals are able to make a swap for Troy Tulowitzki, for example, it changes things because you add a superior righty power bat to the one the Birds lost in Freese in instead of replacing a righty with another lefty straight up. But I'm still worried about the Birds' lefty vulnerability with Carlos Beltran's bat being replaced by lefty Matt Adams and/or lefty Oscar Taveras.

St. Louis' reported interest in Oakland infielder Jed Lowrie could make sense because Lowrie, a switch hitter, can play not only shortstop but second and third. So the Cardinals would have coverage if they need a pinch hitter for one of the infielders in a tight game.