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Rangers-Tigers trade likely ruins Cardinals chance to trade for SS

It looks like the St. Louis Cardinals' hopes of landing one of the Texas Rangers' shortstops just went up in smoke.

According to multiple reports, the Rangers have agreed to trade second baseman Ian Kinsler to the Detroit Tigers for Prince Fielder.

By moving Kinsler, the Rangers create a space for top prospect Jurickson Profar at second base. Presumably incumbent shortstop Elvis Andrus will remain in his current position.

It was well known that the Rangers would like some help at first base and the Redbirds supposedly were dangling Matt Adams as part of the deal for Andrus or Jurickson. Now the Rangers no longer have the need at first -- nor do they have a need to find a new home for one of their middle infielders.

An issue that has not been addressed is the Rangers finances. According to reports in the Dallas press, the team felt it had needs in the starting rotation, bullpen, right field and first base. But the club only had enough money to address two of the four issues. While first base has been taken care of, three holes remain -- yet Texas made its financial position worse by taking on $76 million more in payroll by swapping the expensive Kinsler for the super expensive Fielder.

Would Texas still trade Andrus to rid itself of his $120-million contract to spend on other needs? Only time will tell.